About Myself

I started working in Local Government at the age of 17 as a general IT Apprentice, 15 months later I was offered my current position as a Project an Development Analyst - Along side my current job in my spare time I am working to learn the skills required of a full stack developer.


Total Commits


Total Projects


Public Projects

HTML 65%

CSS 45%

Javascript 35%

MySQL 15%

Adobe XD 5%

  • Mon 2017 to Mon 2018

    Local Government

    Project & Development Analyst

  • Mon 2017 to Mon 2018

    Local Government

    IT Apprentice

  • Sept 2011 to Sept 2016

    Secondary School

    Thomas Middlecott Academy

Favorite Quotes

Sometimes you just aren't in the mood, not in the right place. Why let that stop you, here are some of my favorite quotes.